Mechanical Engineering

      Was created Department of Mechanical Power Engineering

in 1975 and is the oldest scientific departments

 Department heads since its inception -to-now
DR. Ahmed Saber  from December 1980 to November 1981  
DR. Hazem Mohammed from December 1981 to August 1989  
DR. Mohammed Mustafa Tilbani from August 1989 to August 1993  
DR. Momtaz Fahmy Sedrak from September 1993 to February 1999  
DR.Hazem Mohammed from March 1999 to April 2000  
DR.Mohammed Mustafa Tilbani   from September 2000 to December 2003  
DR. Aida Abdul Hafiz Muhammad from December 2003 to July 2007  
DR.Samira Ahmed Sharif from August 2007 to July 2010  
DR. Mohammed Ahmed Fattouh  from September 2010 to February 2012  
DR. Abdul Hamid Bashir from February 2012 to July 2012  
DR.Mohammed Ahmed Fattouh from September 2012 until August 2013  
DR.Mustafa Ahmed Ismail from September 2013 until now