Civil Engineering

The department aims to graduate civil engineers equipped with the basics basic and applied sciences and skills according to international standards and the requirements of civil projects - and these sciences include basic theories for the analysis of facilities, as well as hydraulics and that lead to proper design of the facilities of reinforced concrete and steel structures and water installations, marine and Hydraulic stations. As is taught modern and traditional methods of science land and air space geodesy and remote sensing in addition to transportation engineering and design networks of roads and railways. As interest health and environmental engineering and water supply networks and sewage and related installations. And extends a section to cover lifting capacities graduates through the organization of courses and workshops in addition to providing diploma programs in graduate and master's and doctoral also contributes to the department in community service through the participation of its members in the Center for Studies and engineering consultancy for the design and supervision of the implementation of civil projects and develop appropriate solutions to the problems occur at various establishments.