Election Results of faculty management

Mr. Prof. Dr. Dean and gentlemen agents congratulate Supervision Committee for the electoral college for two and Taatkmon of Gentlemen form Asmaúhom we

. Dr. / Mohamed Sadiq Abdul Rahman Auf
Dr. / Mohamed national Mohamed El Sayed
Dr. / Adel Mohamed Hussein
With best wishes Enterprises them success for the benefit of college


Minutes of a meeting of the mechanisms and the committee supervising the elections College

That on Wednesday approved 23 / ​​10 / 2013 , the Committee met the problem of the Faculty Council No. (2) on 21.10.2013 to develop mechanisms and scheduling elections College under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Mustafa Telbani and the membership of both Professors :

1 - a . M . D . Abdel Zaher Mustafa. 2 - d . Mohamed Said Abdel Atty
3 - Mr. / upholstered Mohammed Afifi 4 - Ms. / Zainab Secretary Abdul Aziz
And apologized for not attending both:
1 - d . Tariq Ali - to attend a meeting on campus
2 - Ms. / Nanees , Mohammed - satisfactory conditions
    This is based on directed from the University of discourse on the end of the membership of the committees on 31/07/2013 and private ............ Pdf Click here for more. خطابات لجنة الانتخابات.pdf