Google Scholar

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Google Scholar
Is a special search engine scientific and academic writings needed by researchers and scholars . From one place , you can search across many fields of science and sources of information : credit research and theses , books, abstracts and articles from academic publishers , specialized associations and centers collect information before printing , universities and other institutions for scientific research. Helps Google Scholar to identify the most relevant scientific research in the field of search in the world of scientific research.
Allows Google Scholar search using special search criteria libraries , such as the author's name and date of publication , -
- Search results are limited to the academic and scientific documents reliable references for Research , the index , for example , can not in any way that appear within the search results,
- Combines Google Scholar all copies per article within a single link which facilitates and regulates the process of obtaining information. This feature may allow , for example , to obtain a free copy of the article through the author 's personal site with free it is not in a publishing house.
Advantages Scholar
· Find a variety of sources from one convenient place
· Finding and summaries of research and information releases
· Full access to search through the library or on the Web
· Identify the main research in any field of scientific research
How are rated articles ?
The objective of Google Scholar is rated articles in the same manner used by researchers in terms of the value of the text in each article and the author and the publication , which show
Article and the number of times cited in other research work . And will display the most relevant results on the first page

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