Delegation visit the college at the University of Munich, Germany, to attend the first meeting of the subscribers Project Water Association - Energy - Food

Delegation visit the college of the University of Munich , Germany
To attend the first meeting
Subscribers Project Water Association - Energy - Food
During the period of ( 8-9 ) in January 2014
 A delegation from the Faculty of Engineering Mataria visited the University of Technology in Munich , Germany, composed of Messrs.
(A . Dr. / Ahmed Musa Dean of the College - a . D / Alaa Sherif Vice Dean for Graduate Studies - Dr. / Mohamed Ezz El Din teacher , Department of Civil Engineering and Project Coordinator, water, food and energy )
During the period of ( 8-9 ) in January 2014 , where he was attending the first meeting of project water, energy and food, which shares its overall cooperation with the University of Munich and a number of other countries represented as follows:
 (Germany - America - Greece - Denmark - Switzerland - Italy - Ethiopia - Tanzania ), where the delegations of these countries have participated in this meeting and discuss the activities of the project during the next three years the duration of the project.
And honored the briefing that he had been traveling by signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the College of Engineering and the Institute of Mataria an environmental engineering in Munich , followed by the signing of a general agreement between the University of Munich and the University of Helwan is activated whereby the following activities between the two universities :
1 - the exchange of faculty .
2 - joint research activities .
3 - Participation in scholarships and academic .
4 - the exchange of academic publications and materials .
5 - Student exchange is a facilitator.
6 - to identify quality assurance standards .
It was at the end of the meeting agreed on the following:
1 - Activating an annual workshop held in Egypt, where one of them is the arrangement of meetings and discussions between professors and students for a week .
2 - Activating courses summer course at a rate of one per year are Tdraash in Munich and will be nominated by a college faculty members and students enrolled
Master of the stage to attend summer courses .
3 - Bachelor sending students once a year for a month to complete the project Aaltakrj .
4 - send a Master student once a year for a period of three months to complete his research .
5 - has been agreed in principle on the program used to create the University of Munich in a program ( water - energy - food) you can repeat the participating countries to take advantage of it
Experiences provided by faculty members at the University of Munich .
6 - has been agreed in principle on the methodology of work within the program to allow all benefit from the program .
And at the level of bilateral relations between the Helwan University and the University of Munich has been agreed on the following :
1 - the proposal to establish a program of environmental engineering undergraduate and have a similar program for structural Babiklah where the focus is on topics related to water and the environment
Which may benefit the community in the future and be a graduate of this program is capable of
To assess environmental impacts of topics concerning engineering Madnahoukd welcomed Brofficr Ruchman director of the Institute of Water and Environment and the idea will be to determine the requirements of the college
Of the program to display it and express their opinions and advice to the program .
Proposed created to meet the requirements of international student graduate from it.
2 - For the scientific journal of the College of Engineering has agreed Brovsr Ruchman to be the arbitrator of the magazine in the field of water resources .




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