Meeting of Munich University

Results of the meeting 
energy program - food - water 
 Between Faculty of Engineering Mataria and the University of Munich, Germany




 أرقام الجلوس وجداول الإمتحانات مايو 2014  

أرقام الجلوس

ارقام جلوس اعدادى 2013.pdf

ارقام الفرقه الاولى جميع التخصصات 2013 .pdf

ارقام الفرقه الثانية جميع التخصصات 2013.pdf

ارقام الفرقه الثالثة جميع التخصصات 2013.pdf

ارقام الفرقه الرابعه جميع التخصصات 2013.pdf

 جداول الإمتحانات 

جدول إمتحان الفرقة الاعدادية الفصل الدراسى الثانى يونية2014 .pdf

قسم الهندسة المدنية جدول امتحان مايو2014.pdf

قسم هندسة السيارات والجرارا ت جدول امتحان مايو2014.pdf

قسم هندسة القوى الميكانيكية جدول امتحان مايو2014.pdf

جدول امتحانات النقل والبكالوريوس لإمتحانات الفصل الدراسى الثانى مايو 2014 .pdf

جداول تخلفات 2014 مايو الفرقة الاولى والفرقة الثانية جميع الاقسام .pdf


Gentlemen, members of the Faculty of Engineering Mataria 
Saadtcnam honored invitation to attend a special workshop by definition electronic library under the title 
How to activate the account number on the website of the digital library 
And so on Sunday, 03.16.2014 at ten in the morning the college scene 



March 8 start of the study and the end of the current exams June 26
Contract SCU meeting on Wednesday chaired by Dr. Wael Degwy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research , and the headquarters of the secretariat of the Supreme Council of Universities Cairo University , where he discussed preparations for the start of the study universities for the second semester .
The Council agreed on the map of time for the second semester of the academic year 2013/2014 to be a study for the second semester as of Saturday, March 8 current and ends the work of the exams for the second semester June 26 , holiday festival of Easter Sunday , April 20 until Monday April 21.
And each University to observe the completion of the educational process in the second semester of the academic year 2013/2014 according to their circumstances, and that by lengthening the school day or the continuation of the study , seven days a week, from Saturday to Thursday , and each University to observe the achievement of the objectives of the educational process at the level of all programs of study .
The Council also discussed the methods of maintaining security within the universities in the framework of a cooperation protocol between the Ministries of Higher Education and the interior , so that the police presence outside the campus , and lack of access to the campus unless the university president asked that the security of the university when it is exposed to danger .
The members of the Council honored Dr. Hossam Issa , Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Higher Education for his efforts during his ministry. The minister presented a commemorative gift on behalf of the Council on this occasion .
Confirmed that the Ministry of Education's decision to postpone the study for the academic year 2013 - 2014 Term II was determined when it will be the date of entry into schools,
which on Saturday to the date of March 8, 2014, which means the postponement of the start of the study for a period of two weeks from the scheduled date previous to all elementary and junior high and high school. 
It was also postpone the study of public and private universities and colleges, according to the statement by the Ministry of Higher Education,